"...you see people as themselves. The fact that these women have come such a long way in realising their dream is moving people and encouraging them to watch it"
- Philip Cheah, Festival Director (Singapore Int'l Film Festival) on the popularity of the documentary

About the Documentary

One of the few documentaries ever made about lesbians in Singapore, this documentary, filmed in 2006 uses interview footage with three Singaporean lesbians -Amanda Lee, Sabrina Renee Chong and Gea Swee Jean, to get a rare glimpse into lesbian lives in Singapore.

Intimate and often candid, these lesbians share about their lives and loves and their views on topics such as coming out and relationships. Sometimes heartbreaking, and often times, funny, the documentary captures the lives of lesbians who have chosen to live authentically and is a testament to the courage, tenacity and experiences of lesbians living in Singapore.

For more information, to join the mailing list or to RSVP for screenings, please email womenwholovewomensingapore@yahoo.com

Watch the Documentary Here!

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Screenings at Sinema in August

More Screenings at Sinema in August:
  • Thursday, 14 August, 6.45 pm
  • Thursday, 21 August, 9.30 pm
Venue: Sinema @ Old School (11B Mt. Sophia Road)
Tickets: $8 each
Ticketing Hotline (Sinema): 63369707
[Tickets to be reserved over the ticketing hotline; payment and collection of tickets only at Sinema itself]

For more information: www.sinema.sg
Please help spread the word!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Docu Screening at Q! Film Festival Jakarta

We are being screened this coming week on 11 August (7 pm) and 14 August (8 pm) at different venues. For more information, please visit www.qfilmfestival.org. Please help spread the news to family/friends in Jakarta. The Q! Film Festival will also tour to Jogjakarta and Bali.